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Xenical is a weight-loss medication mostly prescribed to treat morbid obesity. The chemical name of the medicine is Orlistat. The active ingredient is Orlistat. This can be bought over the counter as Alli. Each capsule would contain 120mg of Orlistat. By taking this medication, the enzymes would not be broken down and thus, would make the fat, indigestible and would be removed through bowel movement.

Doctors recommend people who are very obese to buy Xenical online. This is because this drug help them reduce the risk of any medical condition related to obesity like heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others. Also patients should be able to find a considerable change in weight, within 2 weeks of using this drug. Therefore if your weight remains the same or increases, make sure you consult a doctor


Dosage Recommendation for Xenical

Xenical is available in dosage strength of 120 mg. Adults who are obese should take Xenical 120 mg three times during the course of the day.

Therefore to the maximum the result, this drug should be taken along with the meal or after an hour upon finishing your meal. Also the same dosage recommendation is applicable for pediatrics patients as well.

Xenical has the potential to contain the absorption fat-soluble vitamins. Hence, patients undergoing course of therapy with the medications should be instructed to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and other essential nutrients. At instance of administering any vitamin supplement, it should only be two hours before or after taking this drug. Thus patients are advised to take any vitamin/nutrient supplement at bedtime.

Side effects of Xenical

Side effects are common with this medicine. The severe side effects are,

intestinal gas with discharge,
oily spotting,
oily stool.
Also allergic reaction to this medicine is very rare and the symptoms of allergic reactions are

severe dizziness,
troubled breathing,
itching and rash.
Therefore if a patient experience allergic reactions or the severe side effects, he/she should stop the medicine and contact the doctor immediately.

Contact the doctor immediately if you experience symptoms like,

dark urine,
yellowing of the skin,
stomach ache,
painful urination,
bloody or pink urine.

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